PURPOSE: : The more I know about you, your business, your product, or your service, the better I’m able to isolate and focus in on an appropriate design solution that will enable you to market yourself more successfully. So don’t assume I’ll be familiar with any of your industry terminology, or processes, elaborate where you feel is warranted and please think through these questions thoroughly and with a careful attention to detail.
This process allows me to design from an informed perspective and is geared to help you think through not just what you like but more importantly what your audience will find relevant and captivating, what will engage a potential customer and thus make your business more successful.
Type your answers directly below each question. Keep your responses to the point and succinct as possible but provide needed detail when you think it would be helpful. In general more information is always better than not enough so don’t force brevity. After reviewing your answers I will follow up with any additional questions to clarify any information or lean additional insight I might need before proceeding with the creative process.  
Thank you!
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